We don't ask for or store your personal data apart from an email address. We only ask for an email address and password for the sake of security (logging in / password resets etc). If you wish to update your email address / password you can login and update it without contacting us. We don't send marketing or promotional communication to this email address. We don't allow any third party login systems. We don't use any cookies. We don't use any tracking or analytics throughout our web site. We don't sell or give any data to third parties, business affiliates or business partners. We don't use any third party content (e.g. advertisements). We do not collect/store any sensitive data (unless you choose to put it into a note, in which case we do not use this information). We do not profile any data. All data is stored in the United Kingdom, and your personal device to be able to use notes offline. It is not transferred to any other countries or areas. We store your email and a hashed copy of your password for the lifetime of your account. If you delete your account all your stored notes and email address / hashed password will be deleted immediately. For privacy policy questions and anything not covered in this privacy policy, please email us at
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